Our services

Here at Belingual we specialise in

Legal translation

Our professional translation services can be certified or sworn in Court, depending on the country
where you must present your document.

Business and technical translation

Our translation service focused on business and marketing helps you take your company global.
We are specialized in a wide range of business documents: leaflets, brochures, calling cards,
advertising campaigns, releases, websites, presentations, catalogs, market studies, advertising
media, business newsletters, advertising, white papers, and more.

Online Proofreading Help

Students can upload their homework, paper, essay or writing assignment and review it with your
tutors. Our expert tutors can help write or proofread any paper and help you to review syntax,
structure, grammar and punctuation.

Video remote interpreter

We offer video remote interpreting for many different languages. Our team consists of
experienced linguists with different areas of expertise, so that we can also provide competent
support for specific topics.

On-site interpreter.

Our team provides interpreters for overseas missions, for foreign delegations visit, for technical
and business meetings, technical training sessions or trade fairs and other international events.
We supply the following interpreting services: liaison interpreting, simultaneous interpreting and

Studying or living abroad

Our team guides students wishing to study or work overseas with information about courses, visa
requirements and accommodation. Are you ready to pack?